Working on the Zine Project

Working on my Zine project has been one of the most challenging thing I have ever done.

As with any projects in my CT101 class, anytime I am asked to do something creative, even on something as simple as creating a gif or a meme, I get a small panic attack.

I start thinking to myself that I’m not creative at all. And, I look over my shoulders and see my coursemates designing beautiful graphics on their screens and I get semi-depressed about my lack of creativity.

So, to combat this, I usualy think of what my English teacher told me (which I use for all of my writing and creative assignments). He told me that when you’re working on anything, don’t always expect it to be perfect on the first try. It’s not going to be. To coin his phrase, “you’re going to have a shitty first draft”.

So, I went at this Zine project thinking about just getting the “shitty first draft” done. Just to get my creative juices flowing.

So, when I thought of how technolohy has affected and improved our lives now, the first thing I could think of, as a journalist, is how technology has changed how we read and write.

So, I went through the process of finding pictures of old forms of reading and writing as well as new forms of reading and writing.

All a journalist can think of is reading and writing a newspaper.

With this, I just layered pictures and text to form the most basic and literal expression of technological changes in the world. It was, afterall, my first try. After I had finished with that basic trial of the zine page. I suddenly felt relieved. I had done it and could do it again now.

See- It’s kind of basic. Not that creative.

So, on the second day working on the project, I decided to reach for the stars. So, I just searched for graphics of stars and suns on Pixaby and started playing with the colors, hues and saturation.

I initially went with the theme of people looking at the stars using a telescope. But then, I found this cool graphic of kids looking up at a board. Changed up the color of the graphic and added a filter

So, I added text to the board and fun graphics above the kids to create “an alien sun”. Hence, the final project below.

Kinda Funny

I an definitely say working on this second zine was more fun than the second one. Simply because, I had something to compare it to and I realized that the second one is drastically different from the first one- its more creative (at least in my opinion).

Now, the first zine was more on the side of technology and the second was on the side of creativity. As I am writing this post, I am definitely trying to make a third Zine page that combines both sides.

SO excited!!

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