Goodbye CT101!

It is with mixed feelings that I write this post. I started this class with Killing Eve, and you best believe that I’m ending it with Killing Eve. You can read my first blog post on that here.

So, this semester has been a fun learning experience for me. I’ve made memes, made gifs and even made a portrait gif of myself.

Now, at this stage, I wouldn’t toot my own horn and call myself an expert in Photoshop, but, I’ll say I have basic knowledge of how to use Adobe Photoshop.

These were the first memes I made using Photoshop for the class

I also made an avatar gif of myself and wrote about that process here.

I have learnt a lot in this class. I went from this basic squid ward image to something as technical as a Zine page.

I believe that I have improved over the past few weeks. Manipulating images and making them different is something I would like to do again. Below are some of my artistic memes that I loved, particularly because it made me feel great about the class.

Throughout this course, I have wanted to try some DS106 projects and write about them. I even found some projects that I was interested in, including one about backwards gifs which I got from one of my course mates

At the beginning of the course, I could not even imagine myself creating a zine page not to talk of 3 different and creative zine pages. That was a fun experience that I will definitely try again. Below is my Zine page that was submitted for the publication.

Fun fact- this was my third trial of the Zine Page project and not to brag, but it took me about 20 minutes to finish. Thank you, Prof. Ryan.

I will maintain and keep my site running because I will be using this site to experiment with whatever fun things I can create with Photoshop. Even now, I’m veering into adobe Illustrator to learn how to design pages and I will definitely be sharing my experiences here on this website.

Just because the class is over does not mean this website is over. I want to play with the website and change the entire layout of the home page. I also want to experiment further with some tools on the text page and learn how to embed right in the post.

I’m currently experimenting with embedding Twitter posts in this blog post about the Miss World competition.

Normally, I would be sad about the class being over, but, I take comfort in knowing that with the semester being over, I will finally be able to focus all my time on creative projects on DS106 over the winter break. I will be using my photoshop skills that I have learned as well as making use of if the need arises.

I believe with all my work in the class- a culmination of the website and my work on the CT101 website- totaling about 20 blog posts, I have earned an A in this CT101 course.

With that, I say, until next time!

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