So, I saw this 21 seconds video on Twitter with President Donald Trump’s head on Thanos’s body. And, I saw it because the president’s team put out the video on Twitter as well as a text for voters to join thier team.

Take a look at it here

So, I just want to say, pardon my french, WTF???

First of all, putting his title as the President of the United States aside, why would you want to be the villain in a movie voluntarily?? And why would you want to be a genocidal warlord who kills half of the world’s population???

Answer- he’s crazy.

Now, considering his title as the President of the United States, why would you want to endorse a video that shows you killing your political opponents? Come on! Have some class, Mr. President.

No matter how much people piss you off, no matter how much you hate the impeachment proceedings, you NEVER EVER EVER endorse killing your opponents. You never know who it riles up to commit a criminal act on your behalf and throw the country into chaos.

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